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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend

What a fun filled weekend I had!  Thursday started me out at a barn sale where I bought some decorative bricks ($1 each) for my garden.  I want to trim a small part of my flower garden with them.  I also bought some cute trim, $1 per bag full,  (just like I said I would look for).   

On Friday,  I went to 2 rummage sales and quite a few garage sales.  Of course, I bought some more milk glass and a pumpkin cookie jar, for $3, for my Mother's collection.  I didn't find anything at the one rummage sale in McHenry, but I did at the rummage sale in Ringwood.  In addition to the cookie jar, I also bought quite a lot of comic books for the kids at 10 cents each.  Pretty hard to pass up at that price.

Saturday took the kids and me to my cousin Barb's house to celebrate her birthday.  We stopped at a store called Half Price Books in Highland Park.  A few weeks ago, we took in a box of books and they gave us $15 for them.  They buy anything in print or recorded.  So, I'm now busy collecting other books and CD's etc to sell to them in a few weeks.  The kids found good prices on some books and video games.  We also visited the Grand Opening of the Goodwill store in Northbrook.  Boy was it packed with shoppers.  People were also dropping off donations.  I did find a milk glass (of course) punch bowl for $5 (It is now on my kitchen counter holding snacks) and some toys.  Target donates a lot of new items to them and there were also racks and racks of new Halloween costumes.  We had a great day which ended with a pizza and birthday cake.

On Sunday, the kids and I went to the last Elkhorn Flea Market, in Elkhorn WI, for the season.  It rained on and off and quite a few vendors left.  We ducked inside the buildings to shop during the rain and did have some rain free moments.  The kids bought some Japanese Pokemon from our favorite toy vendor.  We were disappointed to learn that they won't be selling at Elkhorn next year.  Only at the Cedarburg WI flea market.  We haven't been there yet and can't wait to go.  The town is supposed to be really quaint with a lot of cute shops.  Too bad it rained for most of the day.  The last flea market is my favorite because of all of the autumn and holiday items.  Since most of the vendors left or were covered up, it was hard to find these things.  I did buy some jewelry, one of which was a 3 coin bracelet., so the day was not lost.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Sunday was the perfect rainy weekend day to create something.  I spent most of the day using my vintage towels and tablecloths (with holes in them) and lace to create aprons.  I always buy vintage tablecloths/towels even if they have holes in them because I know that I will use them for something.  I don't feel guilty cutting them up since they already have condition problems.  I had a great time sewing and putting my "finds" to use.  I have some more tablecloths and will try to make some more aprons this week.  They will be great Christmas presents.   The last Elkhorn Flea Market (Elkhorn, WI) of this year is on Sunday, and I hope to find more lace and things I can use when I sew.  I also finished another one of my felted purses.  This one is thicker than the others I have made.  My son, Austin, said that it is the best one I have made.    You can see my other purses on:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Garage Sales

Today was a fun day garage saleing.  I found some vintage china plates from 10 cents to $2 each.  I like to keep a couple on hand to use as a hostess gift when I take a cake over to a party.  These plates are really nice and decorative.  Remember, it is not the price of the gift, but the gift that counts.  That's why I love to give garage sale gifts.  If you find an item that you know someone you buy gifts for would love, buy it and use it as a gift for them.  I love to get garage sale gifts of items that I collect.  They are usually one of a kind.

I also bought my kids a whole bag full of old Nintendo video games with controllers.  They are really into playing and collecting any old game/any old system.  I bought 1 game for $2 at this sale and then went to another sale across town and bought the same game for $1.  They thought it was a movie.  I always tell my kids that you will find an item you are looking for eventually.  You don't have to pay top dollar at a garage sale.  Today just proved my point. 

I also stopped at a store closing in Woodstock and bought some more milk glass.  I kept asking myself if I really needed more milk glass, but couldn't resist a few pieces that I didn't have.  Prices were from $1-$4.  I had to talk her down on the prices. 

My son wants to be James Bond for Halloween.  So, we will be shopping at the Goodwill and Sparrows Nest Thrift Store in McHenry after school today for a suit.  I hope we find one.   (No luck finding a suit.  Each store had maybe 3 in XL.  So, instead we bought a costume of a bottle of mustard from the Sparrows Nest.  He loved it.) 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Fall Rummage Sale

There haven't been a lot of garage sales or anything in the past week.  Today, though, was my favorite rummage sale at Faith Community United Church of Christ in Prairie Grove.  (Their Spring sale is March 8th and 9th).  I love this sale and try hard not to miss this one.  Not only do they have the best prices, but they have a great assortment of stuff.  I found a box of Legos and Transformer toys for my son for only $2.  He will be very excited.  At one time, I collected head vases and found it hard to resist these for $2 each and ceramic planters for $1 each.  (The head vases are usually priced for at least $40 at the flea markets.  I have never paid that price though).    I even bought my mother a cookie jar for $2.  She collects farm animal cookie jars. (The pig cookie jar, $3, came from a garage sale later in the day.)  I now have 3 cookie jars for a part of her Christmas present.  I also found her a whole bunch of curtains for $1.  She likes to change the curtains seasonally and who can beat this price.  I also bought a few pieces of jewelry for $3.50 and a handbag for $1 to use the handles for my knitted purses.  (Crafts store purse handles sell from $5 and up).  I even found a great vintage Santa for $2.  Christmas IS only about 3 months away.  I also bought a stack of greeting cards.  I'm now set for many different occasions.  I even found some pumpkin fabric and a new pumpkin carving kit.  You never know what treasures you will find.  I had a great time at this sale!

The garage sales weren't as good as the rummage sale.  Actually, kind of disappointing.  Most of the sales were priced way too high.  Remember to read my tips on having a garage sale.  I went to at least 8 garage sales and only bought the pig cookie jar and some old Nintendo video games for my kids.  They were priced just right.  There are so many sales listed in the paper for tomorrow.  I can't wait to see what I will find!   

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today was one of those cold days when I had a million errands.  I stopped at Sam's Club and bought the Fall/Winter Flea Market Style Magazine.  I love looking at all of the creative ideas.   I get excited after looking through this magazine and just want to go treasure hunting.  So, I did have a few minutes to spare before picking my kids up from school and stopped in at the Goodwill store in McHenry.  I saw a few items that I had donated recently.  I'm glad that most of my donations had sold.

Milk glass is another of my favorite collectibles.  I was excited to find a milk glass vase for 49cents.  I have the same vase in 2 other sizes.  They look really nice on top of my china cabinet.  The other milk glass piece was $4.99.  The cashier asked me what I was going to put in it since it had an odd shape.  I told her that I would figure that out when I got home.  My kids got a few Yugioh manga books, Simpsons watches from Burger King and some old Gameboy color games.  It is so much fun shopping at Goodwill.  You never know what kinds of treasures you will find.  In addition, I had a 10% off coupon.  The fun part is now figuring out where I will put my new treasures.  Speaking of Goodwill, the Goodwill sale at Carsons starts on September 14th.  Just take in clothing that you no longer want and is still in good condition and you will get coupons for a percentage off of your purchase.  You can even use the coupons towards cosmetics which never goes on sale.  It is a great way to clean out your closet and to buy some new things at a discount.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Kitchen Chairs

Some time ago, I had realized that I needed new kitchen chairs.  Wood glue wasn't doing the trick anymore.  But, I didn't want to spend alot on new chairs.  In the town of McHenry, there is a once a year major garbage throw out day.  After picking up the kids from school one day, I happened to see that someone had thrown out 6 dining room chairs and a table.  5 of the chairs were in good condition and only seemed to need new seat covers.  So, we loaded all 6 chairs into my minivan and drove off.  (I left the table for someone else since I didn't need a table). I washed them off and spent a few hours struggling to get off the 2 layers of old seat covers that someone had used thousands of staples to adhere.  But, free is free and I finally recovered 5 of the chairs.  I have a nice selection of fabric in my collection that I used to recover the chairs.  The cane on the 1 chair was broken so I left it on the curb and someone else picked that one up.  The chairs match my existing table perfectly and I now have new kitchen chairs.  It only cost me my time and energy.