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Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Kitchen Chairs

Some time ago, I had realized that I needed new kitchen chairs.  Wood glue wasn't doing the trick anymore.  But, I didn't want to spend alot on new chairs.  In the town of McHenry, there is a once a year major garbage throw out day.  After picking up the kids from school one day, I happened to see that someone had thrown out 6 dining room chairs and a table.  5 of the chairs were in good condition and only seemed to need new seat covers.  So, we loaded all 6 chairs into my minivan and drove off.  (I left the table for someone else since I didn't need a table). I washed them off and spent a few hours struggling to get off the 2 layers of old seat covers that someone had used thousands of staples to adhere.  But, free is free and I finally recovered 5 of the chairs.  I have a nice selection of fabric in my collection that I used to recover the chairs.  The cane on the 1 chair was broken so I left it on the curb and someone else picked that one up.  The chairs match my existing table perfectly and I now have new kitchen chairs.  It only cost me my time and energy.

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