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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Treasures at Interiors Anew

I haven't stopped by Interiors Anew in Woodstock for at least 2 weeks.  So, I had to go there today.  I had always wanted and looked for a vintage metal shopping cart.  There it was outside of the store today for $19.  I grabbed it.  I may use it for my yarn collection.  I'm not sure.  I still need to clean it up and then I will decide.

Inside, Judy was still pricing some items and I spotted a white garden stand.  It was $20 and I had to have it.  I plan to do some work around my gardens tomorrow and will find a place for it.  I have been plant shopping the past two days and have brought home some great pink/purple plants to continue my garden color theme.  I stopped at the Barn Nursery in Cary yesterday and used my $10 off coupon with a $30 purchase.  I found a lavender plant and an allium.  I also went crazy on vegetable plants that are in my basement right now until the weather warms up.  I just had to be ready for that time.  Today I stopped in at the Home Depot in McHenry and bought a few plants.  Some of the plants were 4 for $10.  I'm looking forward to finding a spot for them tomorrow.  I want to plant them before the rain that is expected on Thursday. 

I'm looking forward to the two church rummage sales on Friday.  On Thursday, the McHenry County Defenders will have their sale at the Algonquin Township office on Rte 14 between Crystal Lake and Cary.  I have found treasures there before.  It is worth a look.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Sales are Here!

What a load of fun I had yesterday treasure hunting!  I went to the church rummage sale in Ringwood first.  I find something at this sale every other year.  Well, this was the year.  I found lots of sewing items, picture frames, fabric, crochet hooks and buttons.  Everything was from 50 cents to $1.50.  I spent some time this morning sorting the buttons.  Lots of cool vintage ones.  There were also lots of hand sewing needles and sewing machine needles.  I will never run out of needles, but always good to have handy.

I then stopped at an estate sale in McHenry.  The house was jammed packed, but organized and clean.  Not like the one I went to a few weeks back.  Anyway, I found a vintage 8x10 double picture frame to use with Austin's 8th grade pictures next year.  I had used one for Ethan's and wanted to have a matching one for Austin. Now I do.  I also found a black coal carved Lincoln statue (Austin loves all things from Lincoln), a hand painted metal tray for $3.50, a milk glass miniature vase for $1.50, a bag of vintage Christmas floral items for 75 cents, childrens records for 50 cents each, a large brass bell for $5, some really bright vintage fabric for $2 each, a vintage Christmas elf for $2, another seashell box, but really vintage for $1.50, a vintage Easter rabbit bobblehead for $1.50, a bag of vintage Easter toys for 75 cents and a vintage Christmas apron for $3.  I had a box full when I finally left.  It was a fun sale to be at.

I did garage sale for most of the day and stopped at a sale that I just happened to drive by.  It wasn't listed in the paper.  Sometimes those are the best.  This was one of those good sales.  I found a vintage blue cake stand for $4 and a purple pedestal bowl for $1.  Great great items.  I was very pleased.

I am so glad that spring is finally here.  I spent all day today weeding my gardens and moving garden ornaments around.  The yard is looking really nice.  I hope the sunny days continue.  I even had a few minutes to just sit on my porch and read Midwest Living Magazine.  I don't always make the time to just sit and read while sipping some iced tea.  I'm so glad that I did today.

St. Pauls Church in Crystal Lake is having their rummage sale on May 3 starting at 9am.  Remember, the church in Ridgefield is having their sale at 8am on the same day.  Since they are in close location to each other, you can go to both.  I know that I will be.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm Having Fun!

I'm having fun going to sales.  Yesterday, I stopped at the Sparrows Nest in McHenry and found a great pin (looks vintage and definitely me) for $2.50 and a cute pair of earrings for $3.50.  The pin has a nice vintage look with pearls and rhinestones.  I then stopped at the Goodwill in McHenry and found 2 small seashell ring size boxes for $1 each.  I added them to my ever growing collection. 

Today was a super day with 2 church rummage sales.  In the morning, the sale was at the Presbyterian Church on Route 47 in Woodstock.  I found a vintage gold trimmed oval mirror tray for $3 (I always wanted one), a vintage Enesco lady planter for $1, 3 pairs of clip on earrings for 50 cents each and lots of books for the boys at 50 cents to $1 each.  They had a great collection of books to choose from.  The books I bought looked brand new.  They will be great to give as gifts.  In the evening, the Methodist Church in Crystal Lake had their rummage sale.  I found a few books (again for 50 cents each) and 2 shell boxes for 50 cents each that I will probably use to give gifts in.  They are really nice lidded baskets. 

Tomorrow is the Ringwood church rummage sale starting at 9am and then lots of garage sales in Woodstock and McHenry.  I can't wait to begin my day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Black Iron Plant Stand

I bought this black iron plant stand at a garage sale last summer for $3.  I love the design on it!  It sometimes takes me awhile to figure out where I am going to put it.  I didn't want to put a plant on it.  I had something else in mind if only I could find what it was.  I left the stand in my garage until that idea came to me.

Well, during an estate sale this winter, I found a black iron flower for $5.  It was so lovely that I knew I would use it in my garden.  I put the flower on the plant stand and it looks like it was meant to be.  I love the look with it on my front porch.  It goes well with the black iron bistro set.  The corner of the porch where I put it needed something more.  This was it!  See, sometimes you buy something and don't really know what you are going to do with it until later on.  This was one of those times.  I just knew that I loved both pieces and they looked great together.

I took the picture the other day when it was nice and sunny and warm.  How that has changed since then.  Hopefully the sun and warmth will be back tomorrow.  I have my fingers crossed.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Treasure Hunting in Rockford

My friend Cecilia and I went treasure hunting in Rockford yesterday.  We had no idea that we would be driving in blinding snow/sleet and being really cold.  But, we did have fun anyway.  We went to The Vintage Market on Garfield Street which is held in a home on a dead end street.  It was really fun and wow! to set up a sale like that in one's own home is truly amazing.  The sale was set up inside in the kitchen, living room and dining room and also outside.  Lots of goodies and wonderful jewelry.  I bought a necklace that has, Garage Sale Girl, inside of a bauble.  I loved it right away.  How well it fits what I love to do.  It was made by Jeannie Labelle and she can be found on the website or on facebook at facebook/Jeannie.Labelle.  Cecilia had been admiring these religious inspired bracelets that Jeannie makes and found one that she loved.  Jeannie makes wonderful vintage looking jewelry using lots of vintage items.  Her creations are fabulous! We also walked out with bunches of lavender.  I love the smell of lavender.  My van smelled great all day long.  There was a nice crowd even though the wind and cold were brutal.  There was a tent set up outside for paying and those poor souls were freezing.  It is amazing how even the cold won't keep us away from treasure hunting.

Afterwards, we stopped off at an estate sale on Jefferson Street.  They were the kindest elderly people ever.  We had loads of fun there too.  I left with linens for 50 cents to $3, a made in England floral pottery piece for $2, and a bracelet for $4.  Cecilia also found some treasures:  2 rugs for $15, a handmade rug with a wonderful cat pattern for $10, linens, jewelry and notecards for 25 cents.  We had a few minutes to stop in a church rummage sale on the way home, but didn't find anything.  Since we were on a schedule to pick up the kids from school, we needed to head home.  We had so much more on the list to do, but that will have to wait for the next time.  And, there will be a next time.

I had so much fun yesterday.  Cecilia and I share the love to treasure hunt, but have different likes so we don't fight over the same items.  It's refreshing to have an honest opinion on treasures that we saw.  We also got some great ideas for future crafting projects.  Nothing like treasure hunting with lots of laughs with a friend.

Here are some places that we didn't have time to visit, but will go to on the next trip:
Just a Second 1710 N. Main Street in Rockford
The White Trunk at 1706 Rural St in Rockford will open on May 14
Urban Farmgirl 2202 Rural St in Rockford opened twice a month/next dates May 9-11 and 23-25
To see what vendors were at The Vintage Market, check out

There is a rummage sale on Thursday April 25th at the Methodist Church in Crystal Lake starting at 5pm.  The Presbyterian Church on Route 47 in Woodstock will have there rummage sale in the morning starting at 8am.  The Church in Ridgefield is having their rummage sale on May 3rd starting at 8am.  I went to a few rummage sales this week, but didn't find anything.  I'm just glad to have gone to the sales.  The Cary Library and the Crystal Lake library book sales were really nice.  I found a lot of books at both.

Happy treasure hunting!  I hope the weather warms up soon so that garage sales will be plentiful.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Two Busy Sale Days

Wow!  The past two days have been lots of fun.  On Thursday, I started out at the First Congregational Church Rummage sale on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake.  We were waiting in the rain for awhile and then we were let inside to wait.  Time went by quickly talking to my rummage sale friends.  They had rearranged the sale in different rooms to make it easier to get around.  Jewelry and boutique items were in a room of their own and antiques and better items were in the large room but off to the side.  I found a Wesmoreland milk glass pedestal bowl for $8, some jewelry for 50 cents to $1 and fabric with sailboats/lighthouses on it for $2.  They had lots of fabric which was fun to go through.  Since I just sold lots of my fabric at the garage sale, I was a lot choosier.  A doily and pottery flower were 50 cents.  One of my rummage sale friends gave me a shopping bag full of fabric since she knows that I like to sew.  That's one of the nice things that has happened in getting to know my rummage sale friends.  If one of us knows what the other likes or is looking for and we find that item, we give it to them.  It has become so much fun to walk around the sales and have someone come up to me with an item that they know I could use or vice versa.

On my way to the church rummage sale in Huntley, I had some time to waste.  I stopped in at Sweet Repeats thrift store on Route 47 in Huntley and at the Goodwill.  I didn't find anything.  The stores were very low on household merchandise.  Once again, we stood outside in the rain and waited to get in.  This time, we weren't allowed inside to wait.  I'm glad that I keep an umbrella in my car.   I didn't find that much at the Huntley sale.  I did find some linens for $2 each and a rose pattern china tea kettle for $4.  It matches the set that my mother gave to me.   (I did manage to find the kids some vintage video games and Pokemon cards.)

Today, I went to the estate sale on Pleasant Street in Woodstock held by Windfall Antiques.  They usually have good sales and their prices are reasonable.  There were a lot of Woodstock memorabilia items.  I found some really neat vintage rings for $1 each.  Yes, $1 each.  How could I pass them up?  I also found another vintage Christmas angel ornament for $1, an Abraham Lincoln pin for $2 to give to Austin and gold aluminum coasters for $1.50.  I will probably use the coasters for a project in the future.  They have a starburst pattern and are thin enough to drill through.  My thoughts are going crazy for a project.

Ok, seems like I should be done with the sales, but before I met my friends Mary and Pat for lunch, I had a few minutes to stop in Interiors Anew in Woodstock.  I found the most beautiful silver cuff bracelet with raised flowers on the top.  It was absolutely beautiful and I paid the $25 for it.  But, it is so worth it by the weight alone.  I can't wait to wear it.  I always manage to find something in that store.  They had quite a bit of summer furniture/wicker items and they were selling very quickly.  Ann, a fellow master gardener, walked out with most of it.  If you see something in the store, you have to buy it then or it sells quickly.  I learned my lesson the hard way.

Tomorrow is the Crystal Lake Library book sale starting at 9am.  I saw the sign at the Methodist Church on South Street in Woodstock for their rummage sale starting on Thursday, April 18. I don't know the time yet.   Happy treasure hunting!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Estate Sale Hunting

2 estate sales in one day!  The first one was in McHenry and what a hoarder house it was.  You could hardly get through the hallways, never mind look through everything in each room.  The prices were kind of high and I didn't see a lot of treasures that I had to have.  I finally found 2 vintage metal flower frogs.   Another woman grabbed the smallest one.  I got the medium for $8 and large one for $10.  I paid a lot for them, but I never see them anymore.  Just watch, now I will find them everywhere.  I also found a vintage Illinois serving tray for 50 cents, a Pyrex measuring cup for $4 and a French vintage handbag for $5.  Overall, it was fun.  I waited for 45 minutes for my number and for them to open at 10am.  (Later than usual for an estate sale) and a half hour to finally get in when they did open.  There were so many people there. One guy had come at 3:30am to put his name on the list to get in.   It wasn't so cold when you stood in the sun.  At least there were people to talk to.  I met Cindy.  She sells on Ebay under the seller name:  threetangerines.  She was informative and fun to talk to.  I need to check out her site.  I told her to check out my brothers Ebay site:  junkentreasures.

The second estate sale was in Crystal Lake by Caring Transitions.  It was a nice house on Pomeroy, but I didn't find anything.

I spent so much time today preparing for my Allium class at Gardenfest tomorrow.  It should be a fun and informative day.  It definitely gets you in the mood to garden.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Funny.....

It's funny how a collection starts.  I found a wonderful seashell topiary at the Sparrows Nest a few months back.  Since I love seashells, I had to buy it.  It now sits on top of my desk.  So today, Austin and I went to the Zion Lutheran Church rummage sale in McHenry and what did I see.  Another seashell topiary for $1.  I just had to buy it.  Does this mean that I have another collection?  We will just have to wait to see.

I found a few nice things.  I needed a small easel for pictures and I found one for 50 cents.  I found knitting/crochet needles for 10 cents each, 2 pins for 50 cents each (one was from Atlantic City.  I love finding things from New Jersey), and a small wooden stool for $1.  Austin found a Wii game for $3 that was never opened.  Since the day was so beautiful, finally, I went to Carriage House Antiques in Crystal Lake.  One of the vendors is leaving and her booth was 50% off.  I found a cute pink basket for about $3, a ceramic green basket for $2.50 and a 4 piece pottery dish collection for $5.  Then, I had to visit the Sparrows Nest in McHenry and found a vintage crochet doily for $4.  I was so thrilled to have found some great treasures today.

Tomorrow are 2 estate sales, one in McHenry and one in Crystal Lake.  On top of all of that, I am getting ready for Gardenfest on Saturday.  I even had time to rake the leaves in a few gardens in my yard.  I love getting out there in the early spring to get my hands dirty.  It always makes me feel so good.  I am hoping to finish up the garden clean up next week.

Thursday, April 11 are 2 rummage sales.  One is at the First Congregational Church on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake at 9am and the other is at 12 noon in Huntley.  I am so excited to have 2 sales on the same day.  The Cary Library book sale (and the McHenry Library sale) are on Saturday, April 20th.  The Crystal Lake Library book sale is on Saturday April 13th.

Happy treasure hunting!