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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On a Country Road (Sale Updates)

While driving the back roads to Belvidere, I passed this grazing land with cows on it.  One cow decided to leave the rest to sit down to relax.  I loved how it looked just sitting there looking around. So, I got out of the car to take a picture.  The cow immediately got up and stood there as if he knew I was going to take his picture.  He just posed for me.  I loved how the picture came out.  I didn't mean to disturb him, but maybe he is used to getting his picture taken.

I love driving rural roads.  You never know what beautiful sights you will see.

My garage sale was a little slow.  The weather was cold and the people didn't seem to be buying or coming out for that matter.  Usually this time of year, sales should have been good.  I did sell things and at least I made some money.  Everything that didn't sell was donated to Savers in Crystal Lake. They give out punched cards for a discount on your next purchase with your donation.  They were also giving out wildflower seeds for Earth Day.  (My next garage sale will be in the fall.)

Upcoming rummage sales:  Thursday at 8am is the Presbyterian Church sale in Woodstock.  Friday at 7am is the Linn Church sale in Linn WI and at 9am is the St. Johns church sale in Woodstock.  The Crystal Lake library sale is this Saturday April 30.  The antique stores in Ridgefield IL will be having their garden antique open house on Friday-Sunday April 29-May 1.  

This is what I have on my calendar for May so far:  The stores on Pepper Road in Barrington and vendors are having their second market on May 7, Sandwich flea market in Sandwich IL is on May 8, Pecatonica flea market is on May 14-15, Elkhorn WI flea market is on May 15, Northwind Perennial Antique market in Burlington WI is on May 20-21, the Woodstock IL fair grounds will have a garage sale/market on May 21-22 and Cedarburg WI flea market is on May 29.

Lots of great sales coming up!!!!!  Happy treasure hunting.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm Having a Garage Sale!

I'm having a garage sale this Friday from 8-3.  My friend Cecilia and I are having it together at my house.  I spent a good part of yesterday setting it up.  We originally wanted to have it on Thursday, but rain was in the forecast, so we changed it to Friday.  One day only.

I always wonder why I go through all of this work, but after it's over, I know why.  I love the clean feel of my house.  Most of the clutter is gone, until the fall when I do it all over again.

The sale is posted online and in the newspaper.  I'm surprised at how expensive the newspaper has become for garage sales.  You can't even see the listings with the new format.  That's probably why more people are using online sources instead.  Here's a link to one of those sources:

Everything will look much better when I get it out of the garage on Friday. I still have lots of fabric to set up on the rack.   Cecilia still has items to bring over.....we are going to have soooo much fun!

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Catching Up

So much time has past since my last post.  I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.

The boys and I drove to New Jersey during spring break to see my family.  It was a quick trip but so worth it.  (I'm just about caught up with the little things since we got back).  On the way, we stopped at the Wendell August Forge flagship store in Grove City PA.

 They still hand create hammered aluminum pieces and since I'm a hammered aluminum junkie, I like to stop to see them at work.  This location replaced the old factory that burned down years back. They have a nice museum towards the back of the store before you enter the working area.

I especially loved these pieces.  They even had a baptismal chamber on display.

In the back of the store are shelves loaded with vintage hammered aluminum pieces.  My heart was beating!!! I bought a few of those pieces.  It was funny that I had so many of the pieces that they were selling.  We then toured the work in progress.  I love to watch these craftsmen create.  It is such a wonderful art.

We spent a little bit of time searching out treasures in the Unique Thrift store.  I found a few things but I found the cutest treasure when I returned at the Carriage House.  I was redoing my space when I spied it.

The cutest tin picnic basket with great old graphics of a little girl watering her garden.  I love gardening vintage items.  Now that spring is here (?) it held even more appeal.

Speaking of spring, rummage sales and garage sales have begun.  This Thursday in Huntley, starting at noon, is a rummage sale at the white church in the center of town.  (I can't remember the name of the church)  It is usually a nice one.  On Friday is another church rummage sale in West Dundee at 318 W. Main Street.  The Cary Library and McHenry Library book sales are this weekend.  The Crystal Lake Library sale is on April 30th weekend.

Happy treasure hunting!