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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pillow Time

I actually did have some time to sew while Austin's friends were here for his birthday get together.  They were outside having a nerf gun war while I was making a pillow with the needlepoint piece I bought last week at an estate sale for $4.  I used a really nice pink rose floral fabric for the back.  I got the fabric at a  sale.  I thought that I didn't have a natural colored zipper, but after looking through my sewing stuff, I found one.  No need to go to Joanne Fabrics.  So, I finished another pillow with vintage/garage sale finds.  I put it on the rose covered bench that I bought for $3.  It looks really nice and adds a little to my hallway. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Look What I Found

I actually went garage saleing this morning.  Usually I'm busy taking the kids to Pokemon on Saturday mornings and not able to go to sales.  I went to a more vintage sale in Woodstock and found a really nice green petaled bowl for $4, an aluminum ladle for $1, a vintage metal can for $1 and a vintage Shawnee horse planter for $3. 

On the way to a Pokemon event this afternoon, we stopped at a 15 vendor sale at the Stratford Banquet hall in Harvard.  I found a milk glass shell like candle holder for $5.  I don't have anything like it in my milk glass collection.  It is in very good condition. 

I soaked my vintage linen buys today in Oxyclean and they came out really clean and bright.  I also washed all of the fabric and now have to put them away.  (Ugh!)  I hope to make a pillow soon with some linens that I purchased last week.  We'll see how tomorrow goes since Austin will be celebrating his birthday with some friends at our house.  I probably won't get anything done.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Few Sales Today

I went to the Church rummage sale in Ringwood and Johnsburg today.  Both didn't have much at all.  The one in Ringwood appologized for not having that much this year.  I did get a stack of fabric there though for $1.  Now that I finished Austin's quilt, I need to start on a new project.  At the Mount Hope Rummage sale, I picked up a James train for 25 cents for my Aunt's grandchild.  Can't beat that price!

I stopped at a neighborhood garage sale in McHenry, but didn't find anything.  Maxine's was having a warehouse sale and I found 2 vintage figure planters for $2 each.  One was a rabbit and one was a women.  Both are for my collection.  I also found a doily for $1.  On to a garage sale in Crystal Lake, but I didn't find anything.  At a garage/estate sale in Woodstock, I found 2 Coro chunky bracelets for 50 cents each.  Love them! and the price.

Tomorrow I may stop at the Stratford Banquet hall in Harvard for an indoor garage sale.  I have never been to one there before.

Austin's quilt looks great on his bed.  I am so proud that I finished it in about 1 month.  It looks really nice in his room.  I hope he thinks so too. I made the quilt with fabric that I found at garage sales.  I didn't pay a lot for the fabric.  You can always find nice fabric at the sales.  Like I did today. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Presbyterian Church Rummage Sale

The kids and I arrived 45 minutes after the sale had started.  There were still alot of items left.  I found 2 vintage aprons for $1 each, a Wade porcelain turtle that was thrown into the price of everything (so FREE), a cute wall hanging for $1 and a Gameboy Color (older version of the Nintendo DS handheld game system) with 2 games for $1.  Not bad for a total of $4.  I always manage to find something no matter what time I get to the sale.  I also saw Karen who is a fellow Master Gardener and my past neighbor Sue.   It was nice to chat with them for a few minutes. 

Austin has been home sick with Strep throat for 2 days and I managed to finish his quilt.  Since I wasn't garage saleing, I could spend time quilting.  I can't wait to put it on his bed tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Congregational Rummage Sale

I went to the First Congregational Church rummage sale on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake today.  I only had to stand in the rain for about 20 minutes.  Not so bad.  I had people to talk to.  There were no items outside today.  No gardening items like usual.  At least it was better inside.  There were a lot of people though.  I found some nice fabric for $1.50 each bag, 5 doilies for $1, a heart pin for $1.50, all kinds of greeting cards/2 packs for 75 cents, a tin of Pokemon cards for $2, Tech Deck skateboard toys for $3, a Spongebob DVD 3 pack for $2, a Captain American huge comic book for 50 cents, a bag with a Bionicle and Bakugan toys for $1, a ceramic turtle 25 cents and a Japanese fan for 25 cents.  It was a lot of fun today.  This is another good sale to go to.

I then stopped at Savers in Crystal Lake because they were having a buy 1 get 1 free sale.  Limit 1 and you had to spend at least $10.  I bought some patriotic flag pins 4 for $3.98, an artist made bead bracelet for $1.99 and a cool white stone/gold tone ring for $2.99. The pin is marked Vogue and my jewerly book said that Vogue changed its name in 1963.  Pretty good buy.  I will definitely wear this ring.

Friday morning is the church rummage sale in Ringwood.  This is a hit or miss sale, but I'll be going anyway.  Happy hunting!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Few Sales

I went to the McHenry Library sale today and only spent $3.50.  I didn't find any manga books or video games.  Kind of disappointing.  I did find a quilting book and a few other books.  If you were looking for kids books, they were 25 cents each.  Paperbacks were 50 cents and hardcovers were $1.  The prices were good.  I just wish they had more books that I was looking for.

I stopped at 2 estate sales in Cary.  At the first one, I bought a vintage goldtone pin for $2.  I knew that it had a name on it, but didn't really look until I got home.  It was Kramer.  I didn't know the name so I looked it up in my jewelry book.  Kramer made pins until the 1970's and the ones shown in the book were with rhinestones or other stones.  So, it's a good name.  I'll hang on to it and wear it.  The second sale was a Caring Transitions sale.  The house was FULL.  I only found a needlepoint with roses for $4.  It is the perfect size to make a pillow.  I think that was the original purpose of the piece.   I am going to make a pillow from it after I finish Austin's quilt.  Which, by the way, is almost done.  I only have the binding to finish.  I'll post a picture when I finish it.

Thursday April 26th at 3pm is the First Presbyterian Church rummage sale on Route 47.  I haven't been to a sale at the church since they were located in downtown Woodstock.  They moved to this location a while ago.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lots of Garage Sales

I spent a good part of today going to garage sales.  I stopped in one in McHenry that was to open at 8am and at 9am they were just setting up.  Now I realize that it was only 42 degrees and drizzling, but when you have a time printed in the paper, you open at that time no matter what.  You are missing out on a lot of sales from the true garage salers coming to your sale.  I just left and wouldn't return because I had others to visit.

I went to quite a few garage and estate sales in Woodstock.  I found a vintage handled tin for $2 at one.  At an estate sale I found the boys a book of Yugioh cards for $5.  I love going to estate sales to see the inside of others homes.  This Victorian home was so dark inside, not just from needing lots of lamp light, but not enough sunlight getting in.  I couldn't really appreciate the inside because I couldn't see it.  At another estate sale I found about 9 embroidered doilies/pillowcases for 20 cents each.  Yes, I said 20 cents each.  I couldn't believe it.  They were her moms and they were in perfect starched condition.  I was thrilled.  I also found 3 pins for $1, and a tiny vase for 25 cents.  The doilies were my deal of the week.  I stopped at a 30 home subdivision sale in Cary and didn't find a thing.  Some lady was selling doilies for $5 each.  Kind of hard to buy that since I just got them for 20 cents each.  I did stop at one sale in the subdivision where the garden was unbelievable.  I asked her if her backyard was just as beautiful and she told me it was and that I could go and walk around it.  Which I did!  It was magnificient.  Just the right amount of garden art.  I gave her info to the Master Gardeners in charge of our Gardenwalks to check her out.  It was the highlight of my day on a cold dreary day. 

There are some estate sales tomorrow in Cary that I am planning on going to after the McHenry Library book sale.  It should be fun.

Rummage Sale Heaven!

3 rummage sales in one day.  What more could I ask for?  Some garage sales were also thrown in along the way.

I garage saled in the morning and stopped at a garage sale in Crystal Lake that I had gone to before.  They are moving to Florida so they had even more to get rid of.  I followed the one lady from her truck where she was carrying a garden orb for the sale.  She wanted $2 for it.  (It's mine now).  I also found a lot of costume jewelry for 50 cents to $1 each.  I got the boys playstation video games for 50 cents each.  After I paid and was walking out, I saw a garden copper bug ($1) and an orb fish (50 cents) that I grabbed and went back to pay for.  Some really good finds at this garage sale. 

Then, off to the church rummage sale in Huntley.  We had so much fun talking and laughing while waiting on line.  I met a lady from Marengo whose daughter is named Austin.  She was so nice and I enjoyed her company.  She came up to me during the sale to show me the pyrex covered dish she found.  That is her new collection and she was thrilled to find her first lidded piece.  It's so nice to meet someone so excited by her finds.  I found some bags of Pokemon stuff for 50 cents to $1, a bag of Bionicles for $1, doilies for 50 cents each, fabric for $1.50 and some paperback books for 50 cents each.  There was not as much at the sale which seems to be the trend so far at the Church rummage sales.

I garage saled some more after the rummage sale, but didn't find anything to buy.  I went to a 40 home subdivision sale in Cary and didn't find a thing.  After picking the kids up from school, we headed over to the Methodist Church rummage sale in Woodstock.  It had started at 3pm and we didn't get there until 3:50 so things were pretty picked over.  I did find a tin bucket with wood lid and handle with a cow painted on it.  I'm going to use it to hold toys in the basement.  We did make it to the Methodist Church rummage sale in Crystal Lake at about 7pm.  The sale had started at 5pm.  We did find some DVD's for $1 each and some books for 25-50 cents each.  I also found a retro white bracelet for $1. 

Any day that has that many rummage sales in it is a good day for me.  I had so much fun!  Wednesday April 25th at 9am is the First Congregational Church rummage sale in Crystal Lake.  Tomorrow is the McHenry Library book sale.

Friday, April 13, 2012

More Treasures

On the way to taking the kids to school on Thursday, we left early and stopped at the Zion Lutheran Church Rummage sale in McHenry.  We got there as everyone was going in.  It is usually a smaller sale, but we always manage to find something.  I found a great seashell covered cup for $1, a pin for 50 cents, a nutcracker for Austin for $1, a DVD for $1, some kids books for 25-50 cents each, 3 small animal figurines for 25 cents each, and as we were about to pay, I spotted a parrot cookie jar for $3.  Someone must have put it back since it wasn't there when I walked by originally.  That is why it is always a good idea to go around the sale a few times because people put things back.  The kids got to school with lots of time to spare even after stopping at the rummage sale.  Not bad!  It gives us a mission and a goal.

I also stopped at about 6 garage sales, and only found something at 1 of them.  You never know.  There are good days and bad days.  I found a vintage milk glass plate that was handpainted with a poinsetta on it for $1, a doily for 25 cents and a book for $2.  I was happy with these few things.  I even saw some rummage sale friends.

I noticed that the Methodist Church on South Street in Woodstock will be having their rummage sale on Thursday April 19.  The First Congregational Church in Crystal Lake will be having their sale on Wednesday April 25.

Today, I went to an estate sale in Crystal Lake held by Caring Transitions.  They had a list of all of their sales in the next 2 months on the door of the sale.  Should be fun.  This house was full of stuff and alot of it were things that I collect.  They had aluminum items so it took me a while to look at it.  I had most of it, but found a nice grape pattern bowl with a unique handle made by Hammercraft.  I didn't have anything like it and it was only $4.  I found 1 piece of fabric, 4 pins (a turtle, vintage flower, and 2 Christmas pins).  I got a deal on the pins, but they were $4-$8 each.  Still a good price, especially for the Christmas pins.  I also found a sewing book with patterns for $3, and a Sonic Genesis video game for $2.  It was fun to look through this house.  It is always fun to go to estate sales to see what others are selling, how much things are going for and what the inside of these houses look like.  I love it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Yard Work

I love when Springs arrives, but that also means it's time to cut the grass.  The kids and I worked on that this morning.  It always looks so nice when it is freshly cut, and I usually feel good after working outside for awhile.  I found the perfect spot for the small concrete bird bath that I bought last week.  It is in my shade garden behind my 2 vintage blue chairs.  I repainted those chairs with a spa blue last year, and I love how they turned out.  I use a metal white flower stand with an aluminum lazy susan as the top for a small table between the 2 chairs.  On the concrete bird bath I put a small concrete fairy that I found for $2 at the Elkhorn Flea Market last year.  That was one of my favorite finds from last season.  Also in the shade garden is a concrete dragon that I got years ago at a garage sale for $2, and a concrete gnome that I paid $3 for.  There are 2 angel statues that were $1 each, and a metal bird bath.  The hostas are starting to come up and will fill in beautifully.  The white bleeding hearts have bloomed and look wonderful.  They are my favorite color bleeding heart.  I am still looking for a spot for the free concrete square planter that I got last week.  I just have to walk around the yard a few more times to find the perfect spot.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Garage Saleing

I saw a garage sale on Main Street in Cary on the way to taking the kids to their Saturday Pokemon league.  So, I dropped them off, and off I went.  They had a lot of vintage/antique items, but the prices were pretty high.  I found Christmas fabric for $2, a blue flower, made in Japan, pedestal plate for $2 and a cute boy/girl on a seasaw for the garden for $1.  Then, I went to the Sparrows Nest and found a cute straw bag with seashells on it for $2.  2 of the shells had fallen off, but since I have a huge collection of shells, I was able to find 2 and hot glued them on.  It looks really nice.  The bag will be cute to carry books or stuff around when the summer hits. 

I placed the cute boy/girl on a seasaw in a planter in my driveway.  Really cute!

I'm looking forward to 2 rummage sales coming up.  Thursday April 12 is at the Zion Lutheran Church in McHenry at 8am and the other is at the 1st Methodist Church in Crystal Lake on April 19 at 5pm.  More should be coming up soon.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Out and About

Boy! What a busy day.  We started out by going to a garage sale around the corner from our house and didn't find a thing.  I only had a dog jump all over me to play.  We were making a trip to the Burlington Coat Factory at the Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee to buy Ethan a suit.  (They really do have the best selection of suits at great prices.)  He was accepted into the Junior National Honor Society and he needed a suit for the ceremony.  We found him (after over 1 hour of trying on almost every suit) a Ralph Lauren suit that was originally $475 marked down to $149.  It was still a little pricey, but it fit him perfectly.  He didn't care about the designer.   He didn't even have a clue who it was until I told him about Ralph Lauren. 

We then made our way to Half Price Books in Highland Park to get rid of 3 boxes of books left over from our garage sale.  We got $25 for them and spent $26 on other books.  We even had a 15% off coupon that we used.  It's a good thing that we only had to pay $1 out of my pocket.  It really is the place to get rid of books etc., and to get paid for them.

So, of course, on the way home we stopped at the Goodwill in Lake Zurich.  I found a really cool bracelet for $3.99, a vintage coin glass pedestal bowl for $3.99, a milk glass vase for $3.99, and Austin found a Sonic GameGear game for $2.99. 

We were so exhausted after being out for over 7 hours.  I had a schedule to keep, and I'm so proud that we only went to the places that were on our list.  I was tempted to shop at Gurnee Mills, but, I'll save that for another day.  When I'm alone!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garden Stuff Garage Sale

Every year there is a garden stuff garage sale in McHenry.  Well, it was today because I found out that she is moving to South Carolina.  She always has such neat stuff with really good prices.  I found 2 wire rakes for $2 each.  We needed new ones since one fell apart this Spring.  Now the kids can't fight over who gets the better rake.  I also found a concrete small bird bath/planter that was $5.  She took it right out of her garden for me.  I found a Shabby Chic book by Rachel Ashwell for $3 and she gave me, for FREE, a concrete square planter that she used as a pedestal for her pots.  I'll find a place for it.  I'm always looking for "things" to put in my garden.  The other 2 garage sales that I stopped at didn't have anything that I wanted. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pottery Finds

I found alot of pottery yesterday in my travels.  It must have been a clean out day for people getting rid of pottery.  I dropped off a bag of clothes at Savers in Crystal Lake and received a $3 off coupon towards a purchase of $10 or more.  You can't use it though with other discounts and since Monday's are 25% off days, I couldn't use it.  I went inside to look around and found alot of stuff.  I found a McCoy green planter for $2.24, a Hull lady planter for $1.49, a duck planter for $5.24, another green planter for $1.49, a yellow crocheted doily for 49 cents, some Pokemon items for $2.24, a small vase made in Japan for $1.49 and 2 vintage pins for $3.74 and $4.49.  All really great buys.  I put the Hull lady planter in "my" room with my other lady planters.  I put the other planters around the house with my other collections.

Later in the day I stopped at the Goodwill in McHenry and found a vintage Frankoma duck planter for $2.99 and a bag of vintage marbles for 99 cents.  I put the duck planter up for auction on Ebay today.  I found some vintage linens and an apron at the Sparrows Nest in McHenry for 75 cents to $1 each.  They need to be soaked in Oxyclean, but the stains are minimal and should come out. 

Now that I have cleaned out the house by doing the garage sale a few days ago and donating all of the items that didn't sell, I'm gearing up for the summer sale season.  It will be fun looking for new items to keep, new collections to begin and items to sell on Ebay.  I'm getting excited for the season to kick in.