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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Few Sales Today

I went to the Church rummage sale in Ringwood and Johnsburg today.  Both didn't have much at all.  The one in Ringwood appologized for not having that much this year.  I did get a stack of fabric there though for $1.  Now that I finished Austin's quilt, I need to start on a new project.  At the Mount Hope Rummage sale, I picked up a James train for 25 cents for my Aunt's grandchild.  Can't beat that price!

I stopped at a neighborhood garage sale in McHenry, but didn't find anything.  Maxine's was having a warehouse sale and I found 2 vintage figure planters for $2 each.  One was a rabbit and one was a women.  Both are for my collection.  I also found a doily for $1.  On to a garage sale in Crystal Lake, but I didn't find anything.  At a garage/estate sale in Woodstock, I found 2 Coro chunky bracelets for 50 cents each.  Love them! and the price.

Tomorrow I may stop at the Stratford Banquet hall in Harvard for an indoor garage sale.  I have never been to one there before.

Austin's quilt looks great on his bed.  I am so proud that I finished it in about 1 month.  It looks really nice in his room.  I hope he thinks so too. I made the quilt with fabric that I found at garage sales.  I didn't pay a lot for the fabric.  You can always find nice fabric at the sales.  Like I did today. 

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