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Friday, April 20, 2012

Lots of Garage Sales

I spent a good part of today going to garage sales.  I stopped in one in McHenry that was to open at 8am and at 9am they were just setting up.  Now I realize that it was only 42 degrees and drizzling, but when you have a time printed in the paper, you open at that time no matter what.  You are missing out on a lot of sales from the true garage salers coming to your sale.  I just left and wouldn't return because I had others to visit.

I went to quite a few garage and estate sales in Woodstock.  I found a vintage handled tin for $2 at one.  At an estate sale I found the boys a book of Yugioh cards for $5.  I love going to estate sales to see the inside of others homes.  This Victorian home was so dark inside, not just from needing lots of lamp light, but not enough sunlight getting in.  I couldn't really appreciate the inside because I couldn't see it.  At another estate sale I found about 9 embroidered doilies/pillowcases for 20 cents each.  Yes, I said 20 cents each.  I couldn't believe it.  They were her moms and they were in perfect starched condition.  I was thrilled.  I also found 3 pins for $1, and a tiny vase for 25 cents.  The doilies were my deal of the week.  I stopped at a 30 home subdivision sale in Cary and didn't find a thing.  Some lady was selling doilies for $5 each.  Kind of hard to buy that since I just got them for 20 cents each.  I did stop at one sale in the subdivision where the garden was unbelievable.  I asked her if her backyard was just as beautiful and she told me it was and that I could go and walk around it.  Which I did!  It was magnificient.  Just the right amount of garden art.  I gave her info to the Master Gardeners in charge of our Gardenwalks to check her out.  It was the highlight of my day on a cold dreary day. 

There are some estate sales tomorrow in Cary that I am planning on going to after the McHenry Library book sale.  It should be fun.

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