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Friday, September 16, 2011

Garage Sales

Today was a fun day garage saleing.  I found some vintage china plates from 10 cents to $2 each.  I like to keep a couple on hand to use as a hostess gift when I take a cake over to a party.  These plates are really nice and decorative.  Remember, it is not the price of the gift, but the gift that counts.  That's why I love to give garage sale gifts.  If you find an item that you know someone you buy gifts for would love, buy it and use it as a gift for them.  I love to get garage sale gifts of items that I collect.  They are usually one of a kind.

I also bought my kids a whole bag full of old Nintendo video games with controllers.  They are really into playing and collecting any old game/any old system.  I bought 1 game for $2 at this sale and then went to another sale across town and bought the same game for $1.  They thought it was a movie.  I always tell my kids that you will find an item you are looking for eventually.  You don't have to pay top dollar at a garage sale.  Today just proved my point. 

I also stopped at a store closing in Woodstock and bought some more milk glass.  I kept asking myself if I really needed more milk glass, but couldn't resist a few pieces that I didn't have.  Prices were from $1-$4.  I had to talk her down on the prices. 

My son wants to be James Bond for Halloween.  So, we will be shopping at the Goodwill and Sparrows Nest Thrift Store in McHenry after school today for a suit.  I hope we find one.   (No luck finding a suit.  Each store had maybe 3 in XL.  So, instead we bought a costume of a bottle of mustard from the Sparrows Nest.  He loved it.) 

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