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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Sale Plus More

The Cary Library book sale was a good sale again.  I was only a little disappointed that I didn't find more knitting books.  I think I bought them out at the last sale.  We did find a lot of Pokemon books and comic books.  The kids were happy.  Kids books were only 25 cents each so they bought whatever they wanted.  I did manage to find a few gardening books.  The library was packed with bargain hunters.

I managed to go to an estate sale in Cary after I took the kids to Pokemon.  I found an aluminum tray with a pinecone pattern on it from Everlast.  It was $5.  The tray was in very good condition.  After I picked them up from Pokemon, we stopped at a yard sale that was a few blocks down the street.  Ethan has been looking for the Men in Black 2 DVD and guess what?  We found it there for $1.  We also found the Incredible Hulk movies (with Bill Bixby) and a few other DVD's for $1 each.  We also found a Luke Skywalker large action figure for 50 cents.  It happened to be a good sale.  You never know what you will find unless you stop.  I always tell the kids that if there is something that you want to buy, just to be patient and we will find it sooner or later at a sale for much less.  Just like with the Men in Black 2 DVD.

Yesterday, I bought some Xbox 360 video games for $1 each.  I knew that we had the one, but for $1, I couldn't resist.  So today, we went to Gamestop to preorder a video game coming out on Tuesday, and they gave us $21 for that game to be used towards the one that we are preordering.  Ethan was so excited.  Not bad for $1.  Those kinds of finds make my day. 

I am really looking forward to the Elkhorn Flea Market tomorrow.  Hope you can make it there also.  You will have a really good time and will leave with a full trunk.  Happy treasure hunting!

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