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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Sales

I love Thursdays!  It starts my garage sale weekend.  I live for Thursdays.  Except that today didn't have many sales.  I stopped at a few sales in McHenry and only found a metal stand for $3 and a rhinestone bracelet for $1 at one of the sales.  I use the metal stands in my bathrooms for storage.  The bathrooms have pedestal sinks and have nowhere to hide toilet paper etc.  So, I use the stands for storage.  I spray paint them white to blend in.  I really like the stands.  This stand I may use in the garden though.  I have a few of them in the garden where metal bugs are on them.

I went to a sale in Lakewood that was supposed to be a neighborhood sale and only 1 house had opened today.  I found a garden metal face for 25 cents.  At least my drive was not for nothing.  On the way home, I stopped in Ridgefield where the stores were having their garden sale weekend.  I saw my friend Chris who sells at the store. I bought a frog ornament for the garden for $6.  It is really cute.  Tomorrow I have to weed the area where I want to put it.  I stopped at a garage sale in Crystal Lake and found the kids Simpson comic books for 50 cents each and a few older Gameboy games for $2 each.  All good buys that they really liked.  She also had a really cute baby vintage flea market book for $1.  The authors were Jersey girls like me now living in IL.  Pretty ironic.

Everyone is talking about the church sale in Ridgefield tomorrow.  I'm really excited about it. 

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