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Friday, May 16, 2014

Treasure Hunting in the Snow

How crazy it was this morning to wake up to it snowing.  Austin thought he was going to get a snow day!  With only a few weeks left of school until summer break, I don't think so.  It was kind of hard to treasure hunt in it, but I managed.  So did so many others.  The sales were pretty crowded.

I stopped at an estate sale in Crystal Lake and found some really nice treasures.  I only spent $2.35.  They were very inexpensive.  I got there a little late and sooooo many good things were already taken.  Oh well.  I'm happy with what I got.  I especially like the green Fenton pedestal bowl (50 cents) with the label still on it and a sewing box ($1) that was made in Crystal Lake.  That was a nice find.

Yesterday I stopped at the McHenry County Defenders garage sale at the Algonquin Township Office and found a dress form for $10.  She is a tabletop one.  She needed to be cleaned up, which I just finished, and I love it.  I was upset last week at an estate sale where I saw one for $35, but it was already sold.  Funny how things work out.  Here I find one for $10.  I always tell the boys that if they want something to just be patient and I will find it before the sale season ends.  It worked for me.

At least the weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday for the opening of the Elkhorn Flea Market.  I'm so looking forward to it. 

Happy treasure hunting!

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