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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So Many Things.....

Gardenfest was this weekend.  It was wonderful.  We had 198 total attendees.  Our keynote speaker, Amanda Thomsen, was really good and was so fun to be around.  We had a great time with her.  After it was over, it was time to start raking and cleaning up my flower beds.  What a way to relax after a busy day (and year planning).

I was so excited to get outside to plant some tulips that I purchased a few weeks ago.  I even bought some spinach and lettuce plants at Walmart and planted them in containers like I do every year.  I put the pots in my driveway which is where the sun hits.  Tomorrow, I'm going to plant some more spinach, kohlrabi and beans in my raised beds.  I can't believe spring is finally here.

I finally got to stop in Interiors Anew in Woodstock.  I never stay away as long as I did this time.  I found 2 great needlepoint runners and 1 vintage tablecloth priced from $3-6.  They have lots of nice treasures right now.

3 rummage sales in 1 day on Thursday.  That is heaven to me!  1st Congregational Church on Pierson Street in Crystal Lake starts at 9am, 1st Congregational Church in Huntley starts at 12 noon and the Methodist Church on Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake starts at 5pm.  Plus, there are garage sales in between.  Couldn't ask for a more perfect day.


  1. Hi,
    So happy you found my blog now I have found you. I live in Lake Zurich so not far from you. Do you know Anne White Lace Cottage she lives in Woodstock and we have gotten together a few times. The flea market is Kane County in St. Charles. It is a great one. I also like the Elkhorn flea market near Lake Geneva it is awesome and I think the best one. It would not be that far for you to drive from Woodstock. I am sorry to leave this whole message on your blog but you are a no reply blogger so I had no way to contact you back after you left your questions. Is there any way to become a follower of yours. I did not see it on the blog.

  2. Hi Kris, I'm still new at this and am trying to figure out the blogging world. I used to go to the Saint Charles flea market but haven't in years. I love Elkhorn and Cedarburg. I'm not sure if I know Anne. I have probably run into her before. You can follow me by scrolling down to the end of my blog and friending me. I'm trying to redesign my site, but I'm sure it will be awhile before I do. I love your blog and am writing down all of the places to visit from your treasure hunts. Thanks again! Milena