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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Organizing the Sunroom

I spent a good portion of the morning reorganizing my seashell collection in the sunroom.  The sunroom is a 3 season room and tends to get a little "dirty" during the year.  It also collects items that haven't been put back into their places.  So, today was the day to reorganize my shell collection and to pair down.  I had to start by washing each piece of pottery.  I usually display the shells in white vintage pottery pieces.  There were some pieces that I didn't want anymore, so I condensed the shells to put the pieces I didn't want any longer into the garage sale pile.

All of the large common shells, I put into a bucket for now.  I am going to scout out a place in the yard to put the shells.  I have some out there now as a border and I like the look.  Now that I have a bucket full, I can design some more.

Most of the shells are in covered containers now.  Its easier that way to keep them clean and looking nice.  Now that the shells are out of the white pottery pieces, the pieces stand out.  They look nice on their own. 

I'm hoping that we don't have rain everyday this week, as predicted.  I want to get into the yard to find a place for the shells and to pull out the weeds that I can see from my kitchen window.

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