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Friday, August 29, 2014

Small Projects Can Add Alot

This has been a quiet garage sale weekend.  Everyone is probably enjoying the last days of summer.  Even though it poured here this morning.

So, what better way to enjoy the day then to reinvent.  I finally bought a vintage shopping cart in a wonderful green cast from my friend Joyce at her garage sale.  I had a wonderful Lion Brand yarn bag that I put inside of it to hold my yarn.  My friend Mary had given me a delightful button and it worked so nicely with the cart that I had to hang it on the front.  It is such a fun look.  It makes me smile and think of 2 really neat women.

I am still working with Austin in cleaning up his room.  Only a few more things to go through.  Some of his items that I put up on Ebay have bids.  He's super excited about the sales and the money he'll be getting.  We had taken down a memo board since it was holding too much dust and he had outgrown the need for it.  In its place was just an empty wall.  So, for the time being until he figures out what to hang there, I hung a vintage bicycle basket.  I stuck in one of his Pokémon posters but he can put anything he wants into it.  I'm sure he'll change it when he gets home from school today.

I just love how one small change can really change a look.  I love how his room is coming along.  It's time to start making it look like a teenager lives in there and we are succeeding.  It's fun to see how my past treasures are starting to work out.  I only need to go through my finds to find the right items to complete the look that I'm after.

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Make sure to check it out.  His blog always has good tips and wonderful pictures.

Happy treasure hunting!  Enjoy the last few days of the summer fun.

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