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Friday, June 13, 2014

No Pictures for Awhile

Sorry, but my internet is once again not working properly.  I haven't been able to load any pictures for the past 2 weeks.  I'll just have to make the best of it.

We just got back from a vacation to South Dakota.  It was really cold and rainy, but we managed to do all of the tourist attractions anyway.  It was so cool to see Mount Rushmore in the fog.  When the fog lifted, it was an amazing site.  We had taken the boys there when they were little, but they didn't remember it.  Now they will!

We got home this morning at midnight, but we were up early to go to the rummage sale at the church in Ridgefield.  We only found a few items.  I found more items at a few garage sales that we stopped at.  I wanted to go to more, but the laundry piles were calling me home.  I did find some sea shell collections for $2.  Since I love anything sea shells, I was happy to find them.  Austin has wanted a table for his room to put his Xbox on.  I found an old school desk and chair that was painted white and was now shabby/chippy for $3.  It was perfect and he loves it.  I told him to wait a while for the perfect table and it will come along.  It always happens.  Sooner or later the item will turn up at a sale.  We had stopped at some antique stores in South Dakota, but we didn't find anything.  I thought they were priced on the high side.

Yesterday was our favorite rummage sale at St. Mary's church/Montini school in McHenry.  I was bummed that we weren't home for the first day.  We stopped on today, but didn't find anything even at half price.

Saturday is a night flea market at the Belvidere fair grounds starting at 4pm.  It's also the Woodstock garden walk starting at 11am.  Tickets can be bought on the square.  I haven't been on the walk before.  It used to be held on a Thursday.  The Master Gardener garden walk at MCC is on July 12.  This year the gardens are all Master Gardener gardens.   It is always a great educational garden tour.  You can call MCC for tickets or get them the day of at the Demo garden at MCC. 

The boys are off for camp for 2 weeks.  This will be the first time that I'm without one of them.  I have lists of places to go to hunt for treasures.  Lots of towns that I haven't been to before.

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