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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Busy, busy Summer

Boy has the summer flown by.  I was hoping for a lazy summer.  We traveled soooooo much this summer.  First we went to South Dakota, then Indianapolis and finally to New Jersey to see my family.  It was all fun, but now I'm tired and working like crazy to get things organized for the boys and back to school time.  We spent the day shopping for uniforms and backpacks.  Of course, we stopped at the Salvation Army and Goodwill in Mt Prospect and found some great treasures.

We finally got to see the Statue of Liberty and ride on the ferry to it and to Ellis Island from the Jersey City side.  It was awesome!  My father went with us as we walked up the platform of the Statue of Liberty.  We were exhausted until we realized that we only had around 20 more steps to go.  Then, the burst of energy.  It was a magnificent site. 

We spent time at Atlantic City.  I love the combination of the boardwalk and the beach.  There is nothing like it!  We helped my parents have a garage sale and at least cleaned out some of the basement.  They are going to have to have another one soon.  We also spent a few days in the Pocono Mountains and went to the Sailorsburg and Blakeslee flea markets.  I found a lovely concrete angel statue that is now in my dining room.  (Hopefully I can post pictures since I'm having trouble again with my internet).  I came home with a full trunk with items that I "bought" at my parents house.  It's always fun to bring home new treasures even if it takes me over a week to put everything away.

Last weekend were some really nice estate sales.  We found treasures all day long.  It was a costume jewelry weekend.  I was really excited.  Ethan has started to collect Disney glasses.  My father gave him one and that was all it took.  Ethan found 4 at an estate sale in Lake Harmony PA and 2 more at an estate sale in Woodstock last weekend.  I had to clean out my cabinet to make room for the Disney glasses.  I have started another garage sale box and added mugs to it after cleaning out the cabinets.

Since we were adding new treasures to our home, we have been cleaning out different areas.  Austin has cleaned out his plush collection and filled up a garbage bag.  That was when I realized that I will probably need to have another sale in the fall. 

The McHenry County/4H fair is this weekend.  I took over my pillow and felted purse entries yesterday and today the vegetable entries are due.  Thursday will be the flower entries.  I love the fair.  I will be helping to judge flower planters tomorrow and then will be on hand in the Master Gardener area to answer questions from 10-12.  I can't wait to eat an egg roll from Plum Garden.  That is my favorite part of the fair. 

The Elkhorn Flea market is on August 10th, Mukwonago flea market is August 16-17 and the Cedarburg flea market is on August 31st.

Happy treasure hunting!

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