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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today was a creating jewelry day.  A day to be inside anticipating the arctic cold for the next 2 days with highs of -9.  I was in the mood to stay home and create.

I finished 5 necklaces and 1 pair of earrings.  I  had sooooo much fun putting together vintage pieces to create something fresh and fun.  I especially love cameo pieces and used 2 of them today in the necklaces.  I also love bling and found a way to incorporate that into the pieces.  The contrast of a black and white cameo with sparkly stones is wonderful.  I loved the black and white cameo when I found it a while back.  It could be used as either a pin or pendant.  Since the pin part was broken, I knew that it would become a part of a necklace.  It is such a wonderful piece.    I made one of the necklaces simple with a pretty blue stone pendant.  I also had some rhinestone pieces that I made into earrings.  I had used the other part of them a few weeks back in a necklace.  It's fun to take apart a piece and be able to use all of it for something else.  Nothing goes to waste. 

Close to 30 years ago when I was visiting in Sausalito California, I bought a great pair of bronze filigree earrings.  They are large and fun and I loved them!  I wore them constantly.  Fast forward to today.  I haven't worn them in over 20 years, but still think that they are wonderful.  So, I used them in a long strand necklace.  It looks great.  I am so glad that they will still be worn and not just hidden away.

I love the idea that vintage pieces can be transformed into something that can be cherished today.  It is fun to create pieces of jewelry like that.  Did I mention that I had lots of fun creating jewelry today? 

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