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Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Weekend of Sales

What a fun weekend I had!!!! It started off on Friday with my friend Cecilia and I going out for the day to treasure hunt.  We try to go out frequently since we have such fun treasure hunting together. We bounce ideas off of each other.  The best part is that we don't often fight over the same item.  I say not often because we kind of did this time.  We take turns though on who gets what.

We started off going to the Methodist Church rummage sale in Barrington.  We were there for a few hours at least.  The car was pretty full at that point but since we just started, we had to keep going. We continued on to more garage sales and a few estate sales so the car just kept getting fuller and fuller.  We even made use of the back seat.

Sunday was the final Cedarburg flea market for the season.  That one is always my favorite because of the fall theme in most booths.  It was pretty crisp (we needed gloves), but it was really enjoyable. It was definitely a vintage tablecloth and jewelry day.  I came home with 10 tablecloths.  I found one with a Paris theme.  I was so excited.  I had always wanted one and couldn't believe it was only $1.  It has some stains on it, but I'm soaking it right now.  This is definitely one for my collection.

Today a group of us Master Gardeners put the Harvard Community Garden to rest for another season. We harvested the remaining vegetables and pulled all of the plants and irrigation.  It's always sad to me when the gardening season comes to an end even though I enjoy the fall and the cooler weather. Now I need to put my own garden/yard to rest.

Friday is a rummage sale at 8am at the Lutheran Church in McHenry on Route 120.  Nellie's Barn Sale Vintage Extravaganza is on Oct 9-10 from 10-4 at 10985 Main Street in Roscoe IL.  There is a $3 admission fee.  There is supposed to be a flea market on Saturday Oct 10 in Capron on Rte 173 and 4th Street.

Enjoy this cooler sweater weather.  Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Holy grail for a single day's score of vintage cotton tablecloths! Love that Paris pattern! Your car looks like mine after the weekend - and my sister's! Our last hurrah here in WV will hopefully be this weekend at our community yard sale, where we purge some of our own. We've already been postponed twice, and this weekend's not looking much better, which means storing until the nexy one six months from now. Happy hunting!
    Rita C at Panoply

    1. Hi Rita, Hope you have your sale this weekend. I was going to have one at the end of October but think I'll have to wait until the spring. I just hate to store all that stuff. I love community sales. Lots of shopping in one place. Milena

  2. Wow! Ten tablecloths! They look pretty! There are a few church rummage sales coming up next week and then I think it is all over for that. So sad. But I do love all the other Fall things to baking!!