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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It Was a Baking Kind of Day....

Today was a baking kind of day.  The weather was chilly and slightly misting outside.  I spent some time visiting thrift stores, but just wanted to get home to bake.  That happens to me when the weather starts to get chilly.

At Autumn Drive in Woodstock a couple of weeks ago, I picked up butternut squash.  I have this wonderful recipe for a squash bread that I love to make in small bread pans so that I can freeze them. I baked the squash yesterday and scooped the flesh out.  I like to do this the day before to save time on the day of baking.  I made six mini loaves and we already finished one during dinner. Technically, the recipe states to cut it the next day after being in the refrigerator overnight, but we couldn't wait.  It was delicious!  Good thing I have more of the squash frozen.

Yesterday at the last outdoor Woodstock Farmer's Market for the season, I bought apples from Royal Oak Orchard.  I have been craving Pita with apples that my Baba made often.  It is usually in the fall that I start to crave it.  I used 6 different kinds of apples in it and it is the most delicious Pita with apples that I have ever made.  (I ate way too much of it).

I did have my garage sale on Friday.  The weather was a little chilly and it misted a few times, but the people still came.  It was the most profitable one I have had in a while.  Last year at this same time of year when I had one, it was a bust.  I'm so glad this year was better.  I even had a really nice person come back on Saturday to buy something that she passed up.  I still had it so we were all happy.  I donated everything else to Savers in Crystal Lake.  Once I put it in the garage sale pile, it doesn't come back into my house.  I took it over right away after boxing it up so my garage was cleaned out and my car could go back in.  The other good thing with donating it is that all of my garage sales have different items.  It's not the same stuff all the time.  People like that.  Especially since I sometimes have 2 garage sales in a season like I did this year.  I also price my items somewhat inexpensively because my goal is to get rid of it.  Some things are priced higher, but that's not my norm.  I want to make money and move it.  Since I was having a one day sale, my goal was to move it.  I'm so glad the bigger items did sell early on.  I actually had a really good time and met some really nice people.

There are a few estate sales listed for tomorrow.  I need to replenish!

Happy treasure hunting!

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  1. Hi Milena,
    The bread looks yummy. So happy you had such a good turn out for your garage sale.
    Happy Week. Have a wonderful Halloween.