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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Vintage Christmas Decorating

The snow is falling today in Woodstock.  We are not supposed to get much accumulation.  I love the snow (when I'm watching it from home).

I didn't put out as much vintage Christmas decorations this year as I had in the past.  I chose the treasures that I hadn't set out for a while as well as ones that I found this year.

A few of the bottle brush trees were found this year.  The pink one was a gift from my friend Cecilia. It is on an oil can with rhinestones around the base.  She had it wrapped with the most beautiful ribbons.

My three small aluminum trees come out every year.  Each has a different theme.  All Santa:

Round/shiny ornaments:

Vintage figure ornaments:

This wind up musical Santa is a favorite flea market find from last year.

We put up our Christmas tree (a real one that we usually get at Menards) early this year.  We had time on Sunday so we decided to decorate it so we could enjoy doing it.  My friend Mary, who also likes to knit, gave me this wonderful felted ornament that she purchased at the Woodstock Farmers Market.

My tree is usually decorated with an assortment of ornaments.  No theme really.  The ornaments were found on travels, memories of the kids activities or ones that I just really loved.  The tree is always full and we have fun talking about them as we put them up.  Each year different ones go up depending on which ones we like at that moment.

Enjoy this wonderful season of decorating with treasures that you love!


  1. I'm with you about enjoying snow from the comfort of my home. Even when the kids were little I would try to get out of going outside to play in it. That was daddy's job! Love your vintage Christmas goodies. I'm such a sucker for bottlebrush anything!

  2. I love snow too, but I know what you mean about driving in it. We've had four snows this year already :)

    Love all your trees and their themes and also that you have a memory tree like me.