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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cheese Run

I have been trying to go to the thrift stores more often now that garage sales are few and far between.  I haven't been finding a lot lately. We did buy a lot of books and video games at the Algonquin Library book sale.  This was the first time that they had hundreds of video games for all systems.  Of course, the kids went crazy, but were very good on selecting only a few of the ones that they really wanted.  (They were only $5-$8 each).

I did take the family to the Sears Clothing Outlet on Route 47 in Woodstock (formerly the Kmart building).  They had a special:  fit up to 10 items in a bag that they gave you to use and each item was $5.  Since they are finally carrying men's clothes, I had the boys try on sweaters.  We did buy 9 sweaters between the 2 and for $5 each, it was a bargain.  You have to be willing to go through racks and racks of clothes. 

We then went to Fry's in Downers Grove.  It is an electronics store.  They did have deals on some items.  You just had to be aware of prices elsewhere and just go for the sale prices in their brochure.  We did some Christmas shopping.

Then, on Sunday, we did our yearly cheese run to Monroe Wisconsin.  This is the second year in a row that it didn't snow.  It was awfully windy though.  We stopped first at the Maple Leaf Cheese outlet store and bought a few things.  They lost power while we were there.  It went on about 1 hour later.  Then, we went to our favorite cheese store, Alp and Del and stocked up for the year.  We always check the sale bins first.  With a $30 or more purchase, they gave us a free chunk of cheese.  There are always lots of samples to try.  You can fill up on them.  On we went to the Swiss Colony outlet store and bought mostly cakes and candy.  They didn't have as much as they usually do at this time of year, but it was still worth the visit.  I have cakes now for Thanksgiving and Christmas and whenever someone comes to visit.  We always stop at Baumgartners for lunch on the square in Monroe.  You can have the server toss a dollar bill (or more) to stick on the ceiling which will then be donated at the end of the year to charity.  It is a no frills place, but generally good food.  We now have enough cheese to last the year and we have had our fill for the next month, or more.  We love to visit Monroe.  They do have antique stores on the square and other cheese stores to visit.  It is definitely a fun day trip.

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