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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring Notes

I think it's spring even though we just had 8" of snow on Sunday! It was a crazy weather day but boy was the scenery beautiful.  There is always a silver lining!

Just last week I filled up from a fabulous estate sale.  Here's my car fully packed....

and here's my pickins.....

I especially love the statue so I'm keeping it!

It's in my garden now. Speaking of my garden, at Gardenfest a few weeks ago we had a keynote speaker talk about his moss garden in Waukesha WI. Here is how the moss is spreading in my garden. I have always loved the look of moss in my yard/garden.

I changed around my garden areas slightly. I have a frog/turtle area garden, a gnome area garden and a cherub area.

The gnomes were moved to create more room for my new statue.  This picture is super cute!

At that fabulous estate sale, I bought a box of lamp parts.  Two of the parts were perfect for candle holders. I put two votive holders into them to hold the candles and now they sit on my dining room table.  They fit right in with my decor.

I did a market on Friday night at Smith's Central Garage in McHenry. It was a Vintage Market Event at Night.  Here's my car packed before....

and here's my space when I was all set up....

I loved how the mix of boho, farmhouse and industrial fit all together...

I bought four flower frogs at the market to add to my collection. This is only a partial view of my collection...

Notice the snow!

Now that I have some free time, I'm cleaning and rearranging. More pictures later on how I redid my
sunroom with my newest purchases. I spent time yesterday rearranging my space at the Carriage House. There's a new look to it that I love!

Look how cute that bunny is!

Happy treasure hunting!

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