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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Laundry Room Redo

More organizing and purging.  I spent some time organizing and redecorating my laundry area.  I purged my animal planter collection and sold some on Ebay.  I kept my most favorite ones.  I also gave away 4 large plants to my fellow Master Gardeners and the window area where I kept them really brightened up.  I only kept a few plants to put on the window ledge.  I hung up 2 of my favorite farm paintings so that I could see them daily while doing laundry.  I am happy with the result.  The room really brightened up.  It's amazing how some small changes can really make a room look different.  Another example:  I used a metal bread basket in Austin's room to hold his rock collection that was all over his dresser.  You can see each rock and it's easier to move to dust the dresser.  I had the bread basket for years and never really used it.  With all of the organizing and purging that I'm doing, I'm getting more creative with the stuff that I have.

I was at Interiors Anew today and bought the best concrete Santa.  I could hardly lift him, but for $12, he was a steal.  I can't wait for next Christmas to put him on my front porch.  The trick now is to find a place in the garage to store him until then. 

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