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Monday, January 9, 2012

Organizing My Vintage Linen Closet

I have spent days organizing my vintage linen closet.  It all started this summer when I organized my fabric collection.  I really paired it down and sold off alot of it.  Next, I worked on vintage tablecloths and sold most of the embroided ones on Ebay.  I was happy with the selling prices.  I had to keep the vintage Christmas tablecloths since they are my favorites.  I also kept my ultimate favorite embroided ones. 

So, I finally decided that I needed to do some organizing with the vintage doilies, aprons and other items I couldn't remember what.  I spent 2 days going through each item and deciding what goes on Ebay, what goes in the garage sale pile and what is thrown away.  I'm happy to say that not many things got thrown away.  Since alot of people use torn crochet or embroidered doilies for other things, I put them together in a bag for my garage sale.  I found quite alot of table napkins and tablecloths that I didn't remember having.  (I sent my mom some items too).  So, the tablecloths went up on Ebay today and the other items will go up in a few days.  I found alot of crochet pot holders that I will be selling.  I am keeping the vintage aprons, for now.  I seem to change my mind every year.  My collecting goes into different directions.  I also went through my yarn stash and cleared that out. 

I am happy with the result!  I am once again organized.  Like items are grouped together.  I am an extremely organized person and I like to know where everything is.  It is so nice to have my vintage linen closet like that again.  Now I can begin to add to it.  I'm on the lookout for more linens.  I found a few at the Savers in Crystal Lake last week.  I have gotten more selective though since I have so many. 

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