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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter Garden View

I have been busy putting together a powerpoint presentation for the Flea Market Gardening class that I'm presenting at Gardenfest in April.  Since yesterday was slightly warmer and it actually felt like spring was in the air (wishful thinking), I went outside to take pictures of my garden with the snow.  This way, I could show the attendees how wonderful flea market treasures look in the summer and in the winter.  All year round glory.  Each picture brought a smile to my face, but my favorite one is with the giant turtle that I purchases a few years ago.

Ethan loves turtles, so when I spotted it in an antique store, I had to buy it.  I have moved him around the yard a few times, until I found this spot by the swing set that sits quietly now.  Originally, I had it in a place closer to the woods.  We have wild turkeys that come and go in the yard and one in particular that was always by himself.  We named him Jackson.  Well, one day Jackson was walking along when he spotted the turtle.  I just happened to be watching from the kitchen window.  Jackson slowly approached the turtle and ran away a few times each time he got closer to it.  It was so fun to watch Jackson being afraid of this new "animal" in the woods.  I'll never forget it.  After a few times of circling the turtle and running away, Jackson seemed to have known that the turtle wouldn't bother him and he actually went closer to explore this new addition to our yard.

Flea market treasures bring some fun and whimsy to a garden.  I hope to share this with all of the attendees in April that take my class.

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