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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crafting Felt Hearts

Last year I crafted felt hearts using vintage aluminum light holders and tinsel as well as vintage fabric to embellish them.  They came out so wonderfully that I thought I would make them again this year.  I especially love how the red hearts came out.

I used vintage earrings and vintage fabric yo-yos to embellish them.  I even had some great crochet pieces that I used on them.  The pink sparkle felt heart came out wonderfully too.  I also put crushed lavender in them.  (I had no idea how hard it was to find lavender at this time of year.  This summer I will be sure to harvest lavender and dry it from my garden.)

I had drawn the heart free hand and then saved the sample for future use.  The embroidery thread that I used to sew it all together was found at sales.  I always buy embroidery thread when I find it because it can be used on so many projects.  I just happened to have the right red and pink colored threads to match the felt.  I try to collect objects all year round when I find something that I really like and am not quite sure what I will use it for.  There will always be some way to use it on something.  I just had to go into my stash to find the perfect items to embellish the hearts with.

This weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is a flea market in Milwaukee at the State Fair Park called Rummage-a-rama.  It is located at 640 S. 84th St in West Allis WI.  Enter at Gate 5.  Parking is $5.  Admission is $4 per person.   (Check the construction updates because the ramp for 84th St off of WB I-94 is closed for the winter).  I have not been to this before so I don't really know anything about it.  If the weather is fine, I just may have to check it out.

Happy treasure hunting!

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  1. Your little hearts are adorable. We have a monthly flea market I love to run to, you never know what you will find! Happy Hunting!