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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Extra Touches

I love Christmastime, but look forward to putting away the decorations for a less crowded house. Since Valentines Day is coming up, I put up my vintage Valentine treasures.

The adorable girl planter I found at a garage sale last year.  The red felt hearts I made a few years ago and attached vintage findings to them.  There is a ribbon on them for hanging, but sometimes I just prefer to rest them on a tray.

I am just about finished spring cleaning my house. Ethan loves paint by numbers, especially religious ones.  I have an idea for using a crate as a shelf for his turtle collection.  I'll be working on that soon.

A few years ago, Austin wrote to Weird Al Yankovic (his favorite) and received a signed picture of him.  He was soooo excited and of course wanted to display it.  I had a wire bicycle basket (I love wire baskets) and used that as a container on his wall to hold a few things.  There is even a frog climbing on it.  I love the look on his wall.

I haven't changed these items around in a few years since we are all happy with how they turned out. Decor has been changed around them, but the boys like how their rooms look as is. At least I can get into their rooms to give them a good spring cleaning.

I'm hoping to be finished spring cleaning completely by Friday so that I can visit some sales/thrift stores.  I deserve it!

Happy treasure hunting!

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