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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Barkcloth Pillow

Finally on Monday, I stopped by Material Girl in downtown Crystal Lake to get the wonder tape that I needed to complete the pillow I had been wanting to make for some time now.  (The downtown area in Crystal Lake will be having their "Slidewalk" sales this Thursday through Saturday.)  The Material Girl has beautiful fabric to choose from and there will be some fabric on sale.

I had found a small piece of barkcloth fabric this summer at a garage sale.  It was the perfect size to make a pillow. Recently while cleaning out my linen closet, I came across a variety of trim that I had forgotten about.  One of them was a rose colored tassel trim.  It blended perfectly with the flowers on the barkcloth.  I love the big bold print of the flowers.  It is so vivid.

I stopped at Shy Violet, an antique store in Burlington WI today.  It is in the downtown area.  There is also a nice clothing consignment store that was having big sales a few doors away.  Shy Violet has 3 floors and it was fun to look through.  I also like to compare prices with what I sell to make sure I'm on target or sometimes a little lower.  (Shhhh.  My secret).

Shy Violet was on my bucket list of places to visit as is Lucky Junk in Arlington Heights.  Lucky Junk is open this weekend (starting tomorrow) so hopefully I will finally make it there.  I do enjoy the downtime from all of the sales that I go to so that I can visit local businesses that I don't always have time to get to.  I'm trying to get in as many places as I can.

Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Pretty fabric that you used to make the pillow. Thanks for visiting me! I see we enjoy some of the same things!

  2. The pillow turned out great, Milena! Sounds like a lot of shopping fun :)