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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just a Few Things.....

I always love finding vintage Christmas treasures.  I look for them all through the year.  What a surprise it was to find a load of them the other day.  I had seen the sign for a moving sale on Thursday night when Austin and I were out.  So, on Friday I decided to see what it was all about.  The sale had started on Wednesday so I didn't think there would be much left.  How wrong I was!  The back room in the basement had boxes full of vintage Christmas.  My trunk was filled when I left.  I found 14 boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments, a vintage Nativity scene and many other figure ornaments.  I couldn't believe it.  The man said that no one had even looked at the Christmas items until Friday.  I'm glad I got there early.  Usually once a season of looking for treasures, I stumble upon something like this.  I'm still going through the boxes.  They are so lovely.

After that I thought I should keep going and I found another sale.  Behind some other items, I spotted a giant pig that happened to be a bank.  Too cute not to get.  I just have to clean it up and it will be even cuter.  I love the unexpectedness of treasure hunting.  The not knowing what you will find is part of the fun.

But, here are some planned upcoming events:  There is another Rummage-a rama in West Allis WI this weekend at the State Fair Park.  March 5-8 is the Algonquin Library book sale.  Remember that there is a $10 fee on Thursday only.  March 12 is a rummage sale in Prairie Grove on Route 176 starting at 9am.  March 6-7 is a Vintage Shop Hop where over 200 shops will be having sales.  There is a map on Facebook at Vintage Shop Hop for all of the participating stores all over Wisconsin and Illinois.  It should make for a fun 2 days.

I have started spring cleaning in my house.  I like to begin towards the end of February because once the weather starts to warm up, I'm outside in the garden.  I had to buy a new vacuum and it was amazing to see what a bad job my old one did.  The house looks so much brighter after using the new one.

Happy treasure hunting!

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