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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Braving the Cold for.....Vintage Linens

I braved the cold today since I wasn't sure if I would be venturing out tomorrow with a high forecasted at 2 degrees.  With it being around 8 degrees today, I thought it was warm enough.

I'm glad that I did.  I visited a few of my favorite places and found loads of vintage treasures and like vintage treasures.  My trunk was full!  A large white birdcage came home with me.  It is just darling with flowers wrapped into it.  Today seemed to have a garden theme which made me wishful for spring.  At least I can have spring in my house for now.

One of my favorite places to treasure hunt is at the Sparrows Nest.  Today I stopped in at the one in Cary and was in heaven.  Every February, vintage linens of all kinds are put out for sale washed and ironed.  They have an amazing assortment right now.  I found sooooo many wonderful pieces.  I just have to keep a few of them for my own collection.  (Maybe all of them.)  I did leave a lot of them for others to buy.  I also found a navy blue vintage leather Coach cross body purse.  I wanted a cross body bag to use when I go treasure hunting so both hands are free to pick up treasures.  This one was perfect.

Stay warm while treasure hunting and have fun!

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