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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back Again

This has been a summer of travel.  The kids and I just got back from a trip to New Jersey and Pennsylvania to visit my parents.  My brother, who has the Ebay store, took us garage saleing/estate saleing on Friday.  It was fun to see how different estage sales are by him.  The people shopping were like vultures.  Clothes were thrown all over the place.  It was hard to look around.  I only managed to find a vintage white hinged bracelet for $1.  I didn't find much at the garage sales either, but it was fun spending time with him.  One of his finds was a vintage iron hand pump.  As he was bringing it to the truck, I noticed a huge yellow jacket nest inside of it.  Needless to say, it took us awhile to get it out with a hose and water and just pumping it.  It was kind of comical. 

He also took us to a thrift store, Unique.  I found some vintage Howdy Doody hankies for 69 cents.  The Goodwill turned up a blue milk glass compote for $3.99.  My mom gave me a huge bin full of stuff.  Mostly milk glass and aluminum pieces.  It was fun looking at them, but harder to find a place to put them once I got home.  My collection has outgrown my places to put them.

The kids and I went to the Saylorsburg flea market 2 times, separate weekends.  I found an aluminum ice bucket with ships on it for $3, a milk glass bowl for $1 (a woman had picked it up and after she found out it was $1, she put it down.  I then grabbed it), fabric for $1 each and the best item, a card table with leather top and 4 chairs for $30.  All of it folds down.  Good thing since I needed to fit it into my trunk with everything else that I was bringing back.  After I have a garage sale, I will take a picture of it in my basement.    Ethan negotiated the price.  He has become great at negotiating.  The man wanted $35 and said that he originally had it priced at $45.  Ethan offered him $30 and waited.  The man finally threw his hands into the air and said, "Fine, $30."  I was proud of him and of both boys for carrying the chairs to the car.  I also found some doilies for $6 that were hand embroidered by her mother.

My parents went with us treasure hunting in the Poconos and stopped at a few local sales in parking lots.  I found a vintage ceramic Santa for 10 cents, and 2 vintage tablecloths for $2 each.  We also went to the Blakeslee flea market that is on Saturday and Sunday and held inside and outside.  I found an aluminum tray by Arthur Armour for $20.  I splurged because his stuff is hard to find.  Funny how I found another piece by him last year in New Jersey at Unique.  This tray is great because it is golden and has the world map on it. 

We stopped by the Salvation Army on 940 and I found a milk glass chicken for $2.99 and a milk glass spoon rest for $2.99 and a knittin book for 89 cents.  They remodeled the store and it was easier to shop and much neater.  There was a lot more stuff then in the past.  We had always wanted to go to the used book store on 940 and finally did.  Their prices were 65% off and I found a 3 books for a total of $5. 

We had a lot of fun, but it is good to be home after traveling for about half of the summer.  I spent the day cleaning and putting away things and adding to my garage sale pile.  Even though I still need to find places to display my new items, I'll be going treasure hunting tomorrow.  There are a lot of sales listed in the paper and the Algonquin library is having their book sale.  Can't miss it!

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