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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Felted Knit Purse

I finally had some free time to finish a felted knit purse that I started a few months ago.  It turned out really nicely.  I used a multi colored yarn on the top portion for some color.  After looking through my pin collection, I find a really nice one that blends in perfectly.  It felted nicely.  I always love the finished look of the purses.  The felting is always unique and the shape always varies.  This one came out just right.

After having the boys Christmas picture taken today, (at Portrait Innovations in Algonquin.  We had a coupon for a holiday special of 56 portraits for $12.99 plus a free coffee mug.)  we headed across the parking lot to Half Price Books to sell them 3 boxes of books.  We got $25 for them and ended up giving it back to them with purchases we made.  I have another few boxes to take after I see what doesn't sell on Ebay.  Ethan and I cleaned out his bookshelves this week and I am selling his collection of Star Wars books on Ebay.  His room looks much neater and now he has room to buy new books.  We love Half Price Books. The problem is that we always find something to spend our money on.

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