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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cleaning Up the Gardens

Even though today was considerably colder (only around 44 degrees), I still wanted to get outside to work more on cleaning up my gardens.  It always feels so good to be outside after staying in all winter.  The housework can wait for another day!

I worked on raking the leaves out of 2 more beds.  I like to keep the leaves as a groundcover to protect the plants in the winter and I don't deadhead any of the plants until in the spring when I do my cleanup.  It was so nice to see the tulips, hyacinths and crocuses peaking out of the ground.  It's well work the hard work of raking when these surprises are waiting.

The front door area still needs a little tweaking, but for now I'm leaving it.  I added the word "GROW" and love how it plays off the coming of spring.  We all need a little humor after a long winter.

Only 2 more garden beds to cleanup.  I'm going to have the boys help me with working on the raised beds.  I'm going to add more soil to them and would like to plant mostly swiss chard and kohlrabi in them.  Last year the swiss chard grew so large and beautiful and then the deer ate them.  I'll fool them this year and put it behind a fence.

I'll be out tomorrow treasure hunting.  Hope you can too!

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