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Monday, March 16, 2015

Vintage Crates

I was so happy to be out in the wonderful weather this past week.  Even today was beautiful.  I took advantage and started to clean up my gardens.  I'm a little out of shape and my body is a little sore now, but, boy do I feel good.  I accomplished a lot and even put out some of my garden ornaments.  Spring is definitely on its way even though tomorrow is supposed to get really cold again.  I can handle the cold now since I've had a small dose of warmth and sunshine.

On Friday, I stopped at a few sales and was very happy to find some vintage Pepsi crates.  They were really wonderful.  I also found a vintage bottle crate from Boylan Bottling Company in Paterson NJ.  Since I'm from Jersey, I'm going to keep it to use in Ethan's room as a shelf for his turtle collection.  I hope to get to it soon after I finish with outside cleanup.  I put the Pepsi crates in Carriage House and am using them to hold vintage treasures.  It looks really nice.

I was busy restocking my shelves at Carriage House.  I always love to see what I have put away to sell at a later time.  It's like Christmas every day!  Pretty soon I'll be taking over garden items.  I'm still working on that.  I hope to get those treasures in the store by Sunday.

There is a flea market in Wheaton at the DuPage Fairgrounds on Sunday.  I have never  been to it before so maybe I'll take a ride over.

Happy treasure hunting!

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