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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Last Cedarburg WI Flea Market of 2013

What started out as a cold wet morning, turned into a cool sunny wonderful day.  We had sooooo much fun at the last Cedarburg flea market of the season.  We got a great parking place only about 1 block away from the flea market.  We made 3 trips back to it with great treasures.

We stopped in to see Mary, a vendor friend who sells vintage toys.  The boys found their treasures early at her booth.  Now we have a Homer Simpson Santa coming out of a chimney while he talks.  Doesn't everyone need one of those?  Next door to her, we found boxes of vintage pottery/glassware for $4 a box.  Ethan, Caldwell and I made our first trip to the car.  Austin waited with the cart for us to return.  Right across the street from my van, a garage sale was going on.  I found vintage pins for $1 each, a great hand painted plate for $2 and a bag of gold/silver chains for $5.  The bag was full of other vintage jewelry as well.  It was a find of the day!

Back at the flea market, we kept finding treasures at every booth.  Since it was the last sale of the season, prices were super cheap.  Austin found 3 golf club head covers of the 3 Stooges.  He paid $20 from his own money.  They even talk.  Ethan found a video game.  We ate a lot of food, as usual.  Caldwell found sunglasses for $1 each and splurged on 15 of them.  One for every mood.  I found some great salt/pepper shakers that I'm going to use for crafting.  I have a few ideas to start working on.  (They were only 50 cents to $1 each).  I only found 1 Christmas ornament for $1.  I found my father his Christmas present.   He has started to collect whiskey bottles.  I found him a potato whiskey bottle.  I know that he doesn't have one of them.  At one of the booths, I got a huge bouquet of dried flowers.  It looks really nice in a wooden vase in my hallway.  Great fall colors.  We stayed close to the end of the flea market. 

We then spent the rest of the day walking the downtown area.  We stopped in a gem shop and a jewelry store across from the winery.  Austin panned for gems and I found a wonderful amethyst stone silver necklace.  What a fun day we had.  We even bought spices at Penzeys Spice Store.

I always hate when flea market season comes to a close.  There are still some good ones open year round that I can go to, but Cedarburg is one of my favorites.  I have the dates for 2014.  I'll be counting down until May.

Oct 18-20 is Autumn Drive on Franklinville Rd/Garden Prairie Road in Woodstock.  It is a lot of fun.  Lots of sales all along the road.  Don't miss this treasure hunt.

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