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Friday, June 14, 2013

Garage Sales are Great!

We had so much fun treasure hunting today.  This was one of those days when we stopped at loads of sales, but didn't find much.  But, the few things that we found were great.

I had the boys sit on this $3 green metal rocking bench to make sure it could hold them before I bought it.  It was perfect!  The price was even more perfect!  I'm not going to do anything to it (at least for this year).  It has some wear/rust, but I love things like that.  We are going to put it by the basketball hoop so that we can watch each other play.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to put a cushion on it.  It looks good the way it is and it is comfortable even without it.  I also found (for $1) a nice cigar box purse that has a picture of the Woodstock Square on it.  (The square in Woodstock, IL is wonderful. My favorite store, Interiors Anew, is on the square.)  Even Austin thought the purse was great.  He drew the line though when I asked him to carry it so that Ethan and I could carry the bench to the van. 

At another sale, I found a vintage rocking chicken planter for $1.  I loved the colors in it.  I added it to my windowsill of planters in the basement.

Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow.  I would like to go to a community garage sale in Cary that is outside.  It would probably be cancelled if it rained.  It is from 8-11am.   

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  1. You have found some great items and the rocker is my favorite- what a deal! One of the best parts of bringing our boys along is that they can help lift as they get older lol! Thanks for visiting!