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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Strawberry Picking

Today was the most absolutely perfect day to go strawberry picking.  I have always taken the boys (since they were little) to McCann's Berry Farm on Kishwaukee Valley Rd in Woodstock.  It is a U-Pick strawberry and blueberry farm.  We also got lucky today and bought some sugar snap peas.

Austin and I spent some time gathering the strawberries.  I think that he ate more than he picked!  I really love this farm because they never stop the kids from "sampling" the berries.  It is so much fun to watch the kids enjoying themselves.  I have a lot of happy memories from berry picking.  I was thinking about some of them today......since.....Ethan left on Sunday to go to a camp for two weeks.  It was the first time he has gone away.  Time sure flies!

I used to make about 30 jars of strawberry jam.  We ate so much of it when the boys were younger and I gave a lot of it away as gifts.  I haven't made strawberry jam in awhile.  Instead, I freeze them and use them throughout the year for crisps and strawberry bread. 

Blueberry picking begins around the middle of July.  We will be there!  Probably eating as we pick.

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